Exeter Connect

A voluntary and community sector service, providing support and advice to help community groups in Exeter develop and become self-sustaining.

Service statement as from 7th January 2021 

In line with government guidance, Exeter Connect remains OPEN but we are stopping non-essential travel and face-to-face contact until further notice. 

However, we are keen to continue supporting Exeter’s communities & groups and remain open to new enquiries and requests for support. 


Exeter Connect are currently offering the following:  

  1. We offer advice, information and support by phone or video chat
  2. ‘In person’ meetings will not currently be offered but we will continually review this and will be pleased to meet face to face once it is deemed safe to do so
  3. We will deliver workshops and events using Zoom to enable participation and discussion
  4. We will continue to update our social media accounts and website
  5. We are working alongside the Exeter Community Wellbeing Team and proud to support the local area teams and volunteers providing pandemic related support to their communities across the city  

For more information please contact us.

Reviewed 07/01/2021 


What we do

Exeter Connect is a voluntary and community sector service helping community groups in Exeter to develop and become self-sustaining. We want to ensure that local groups and organisations have the right support and tools at their disposal to grow and thrive.

We champion greater connectivity between groups and residents, and want to celebrate and promote community-led action and grassroots activity.

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Have an idea?

Have you had an idea for a group and want some help starting up? Or are you part of an existing group or organisation looking to develop further or make some changes? Whatever stage you are at, Exeter Connect can provide one-to-one mentoring, advice and group workshops and discussions including, but not limited to:

  • Starting up
  • Funding
  • Development and training
  • Financial and governance structures
  • Working with volunteers