NHS South West Cost of Living Community Fund

NHS South West Cost of Living Community Fund

Delivered in partnership with One Devon supported by partners in the emerging VCSE Assembly

Local Devon infrastructure organisations are administering a new, short term Grant Fund for local projects that support those most in need as a result of the Cost of Living crisis.

  • Have you got an idea or project that will support residents hardest hit by the cost of living crisis?
  • Will your idea or project support those most impacted by the crisis directly or address the cost of living crisis that could be aligned to other priorities i.e., health inequalities, loneliness and isolation
  • Will a grant of between £500 – £10,000 help you deliver your idea?
  • Are you able to begin your project before 31st March 2023?

What is the NHS South West Cost of Living Community Fund?

One Devon (Integrated Care Partnership) has received funding to assist voluntary and community sector organisations who are supporting people impacted by the cost of living crisis. The money is to help organisations to meet the needs of its local population and will be managed by the voluntary and community sector in your local area.

Locally, our Delivery Partnership is keen that this funding compliments rather than duplicates other funding streams and is open to the full range of organisations and communities delivering services in response to the cost of living crisis and those organisations and communities representing the diverse communities across Devon.

We are keen to support opportunities for hope, resilience, efficiency and new ideas that are created by individuals and organisations coming together for collective action.


Application and Time Frames

You should complete and submit the Exeter Application Form Community Fund Jan 23 and submit it to info@exeterconnect.org.uk

We have designed an application form and process that we believe meets our needs rather than one that is over-reliant on having an expertise in writing funding applications but if you need want to discuss your idea with us in advance or need support in providing an application please get in touch with ECI’s Exeter Connect service through info@exeterconnect.org.uk .


Projects that require funding of up to £5,000

  • will be assessed and awarded locally. As this funding is about the Cost of Living crisis and has a very short turnaround we are particularly interested in projects that are able to make an immediate impact to peoples’ lives and we would like to support a range of projects that have a good reach into different neighbourhoods across the City
  • Please submit your application by 5pm on Wednesday 25th January to be considered in the first round of applications. If there are funds remaining we will hold a second round for applications submitted by 5pm on Wednesday 8th February 2023


Projects that require funding of above £5,000

  • will be forwarded by us to be assessed by a panel comprising Devon Voluntary Organisations.


Applications will be evaluated and those who most closely meet the criteria will be awarded the monies.  Support is available from ECI’s Exeter Connect Service.

Applications will be assessed on the following principles and criteria:


  • Fairness
  • Equity
  • Community involvement


  • There is a clear rationale for the project and an identified need.
  • The project targets action to enhance the wellbeing of local residents
  • Activity has clear aims and objectives
  • Total claimed should not exceed total amount allocated
  • The project is not being funded elsewhere


Reporting on achievements

We expect all projects funded to be able to report their emerging outcomes by 31st March 2023.

ECI is required to report back to One Devon on how the grant fund has been spent and what difference it has made.  You may use the form provided with confirmation of funding or request a telephone conversion with our Exeter Connect service.


Further information

If you have any questions, or suggestions, about the Community Grants Fund please contact: info@exeterconnect.org.uk


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